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      Medical Device Regulations, Registration, System and Clinical One-stop Service
      24x7 service hotline:+86-0571-86198618 Simplified Chinese English
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      Hangzhou Certificate Bidder Medical Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, China. It is the third party of medical equipment professional services. To provide customers with one-stop service of medical device laws and regulations, operation, quality management system of medical device production, medical device registration, clinical, CRC, CE, FDA, medical information system customization and development, is one of the few institutions in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai that have the whole process service capability of medical device.

      The founder team of the company comes from the international and domestic giants (Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical, Abbott China, Dean Diagnostics, Aikang, Sanjia Hospital, Alibaba Group, etc.). The technical service team is a senior practitioner in the industry and has a wealth of first-line practical experience.

      Considering the common pain point in the third-party consulting industry, the departure of professional service personnel makes it difficult to maintain the stability of the services provided to customers. The founder of the company has a long-sighted vision. At the level of corporate governance, he has implemented the partnership system and all employees have shares in the domestic giant companies Huawei and Alibaba from beginning to end. Ensure the professionalism, stability and enterprising of the company's service team, and provide our customers with professional, intimate, sustained and stable quality services.

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