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      Medical Device Regulations, Registration, System and Clinical One-stop Service
      24x7 service hotline:+86-0571-86198618 Simplified Chinese English
      Current location: Default>about>contact

      Hangzhou Certified Bidder Medical Technology Consulting Co., Ltd.

      Address: No.65# west Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City,Zhejiang Provines,China

      Branch:Tonglu Company

      Address: Block B 202-118, Tonglu Science and Technology Incubation Park

      Sub Conpany:Haining Medical Technology Consulting Co.,Ltd.

      Address:No.128# Shuanglian Road,Haining economic development Zone,Haining City,Jiaxing City,Zhejiang Provines,China

      Tel: 0571-86198618

      Will Ye/18058734169 (same as Wechat)

       Jackie Wang/18058734132 (same as Wechat)

      Website: www.digesst.com

      Public Number: Clinical Application of Medical Device Registration System


      Friend link:

      Copyright © 2018 Hangzhou Zhengbiaoke Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. CHINA ICP NO.18025678 Technical support:XIHEKEJI.COM

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