How Much Does Dry Ice Cost?

Dry ice price, how much dry ice cost

Halloween is coming and everyone will be looking for dry ice. But do you know how much dry ice price per pound cost you? Well if you don’t know about dry ice price. Let us tell you. Dry ice cost $1 to $3 per pound. The dry ice comes into blocks. The dry ice blocks usually are 1 to 5 pounds. Don’t worry you will be asked about how much dry ice you will require.

You will find dry ice near you as most retail store sell dry ice. If they don’t, just ask them where you get dry ice. You will be not the first who ask them this question. Most of Wallmart store have dry ice but Wallmart sells dry ice in pre-made small blocks which will cost you some extra buck per pound usually $1.10 to $1.30 per pound.

You will get 50lbs dry ice blocks for around $35 from some dry ice provider. Other dry ice stores sell pallets of dry ice the price varies based upon how many pounds you need.

Where to buy dry ice?

Buying dry ice always challenging but don’t worry we have covered this on our post Where to buy dry ice just read and you will find stores that sell dry ice near you. Perhaps a simple google search ‘Dry Ice Near Me‘ can still work if you did not found any stores that sell dry ice in your area.