Nike air max 2017


Nike air max 2017

Nike is well known for its worldwide innovative brand and constantly updating their shoe technologies while also sticking to some of their more popular brands. Nike became popular in the 80s with the invention of Nike Air. However, not everyone knows exactly what Nike Air is.

These shoes use soft and resilient cushion soles that are limited due to the heaviness of the foam. Neither is their bounce as expected. The solution to this is replacing areas with bags of air which contain the secret Nike gas compound. This reduces the weight of the shoe, making it springier and softer with increased cushioning. Airbags may be in both the toe and the heel, depending on the shoe.

nike air max 2017 shoe

At first glance, the Nike Air Max 2017 appears to have minimal changes when compared to the previous running shoes of 2016 and 2015. Sporting a ribbed upper and similar overlay, the Nike Air Max 2017 is still one of the most cushioned shoes of the Nike brand. With plush cushioning that absorbs the force of your steps, this sneaker is making a big comeback. This shoe is suitable for both hard surface running or your favorite leisure activities. For the shoe to be more flexible with decreased rigidity, groove notches are featured. Support on the thicker heel and ventilation in the toe are provided by flymesh. This replaces glued or stitched multiple panels and provides an extreme precise upper fit.

Nike air max 2017 running shoe

Since there don’t seem to be too many visible changes, it may be safe to assume that the Nike Air Max 2017 is just as promising as the previous sneakers.