Super Mario Run Walkthrough

Super Mario Run Game Walk through

Super Mario Run Walk through – All You Need to Know

Just a few hours after its launching, Super Mario attracted the global attention and was able to achieve around 3.000.000 downloads on the App Store. With these numbers, Super Mario Run definitely beats the ultra-popular Pokemon Go.

The Best Super Mario Run Tips

  • Hit as many blocks as you can – If you hit two blocks at one, it can result in worthy bonuses.
  • Pay close attention to anything with an arrow – Arrows usually indicate where coins and bonuses are going to pop up.
  • Master perfect Mario’s jumps – Keep in mind that his jump still remains as his practical life-safer. Master it until it is perfect!
  • Stall jumping can be pretty helpful especially when you have to make a precision move – If you want to stall jump, all you need to do is to tap the screen and then move the finger backward.
  • Use Pause Blocks to catch your breath – The pause blocks are an excellent chance for you to figure out the path.
  • Don’t forget to pick up the pink coins – Collecting all 5 pink coins will get you a reward.

How to Unlock More Characters

  • Mario – Mario is your default character.
  • Toad – If you want to unlock Toad you need to link your My Nintendo account to Super Mario Run.
  • Princess Peach – If you finish the World Tour mode you can unlock Princess Peach.
  • Luigi – Go into the Mushroom Kingdom and buy e building named Luigi’s House.
  • Yoshi – You can also find Yoshi’s Character in the Yoshi’s House in the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Toadette – Toadette’s Character is unlocked by buying a building after her name.

Super Mario’s Leap Tricks

  • Normal Leap – One tap on the screen
  • Mini-Leap – Usually happens automatically
  • High Leap – Tap on the screen and hold
  • Flip Leap – Tap the screen at the exact same moment when Mario falls onto an edge
  • Spin Leap – One tap on the screen, hold, and tap again when Mario is in air
  • Reverse Wall Leap – Tap the screen when Mario touches the edge of a block

How to Download Super Mario Run 
Go to Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad and type in the search box Super Mario Run. The game is available for a free trial (the free trial includes 3 levels of the game). If you want to unlock all 6 worlds or 24 levels you can purchase the game for $9.99.