there you go walk through



There You Go is a minimalistic puzzle game for Android that features a lot of inventive puzzles, stylish visuals and fun experiments, all triggering your creativity and problem solving. The game interface resembles a labyrinth of rooms, each created so you can test and explore it.

Perfect for curious minds and without any instructions whatsoever, There You Go can be played however you want. The best thing is that you must experiment by clicking on different things and seeing what they do – that leads to eventually unlocking them or in other words, progressing on another level in the game. There You Go is also labeled as an Indie Puzzle Game because of its minimalist and kind of vintage approach, as well as the inventive puzzles within the scheme.

With a lot of complex isometric puzzle rooms, There You Go for Android will encourage you to think outside the box, experiment and solve problems using your curiosity. The game takes around 15 minutes to be mastered, a time during which you’ll most likely enter the 10 puzzle rooms, solve the puzzles and experiment with the riddles and easter eggs they have to offer.

From color mix puzzles to rooms with intriguing paintings, the entire ‘catch’ in this game is the 32-bit like interface which lets you focus on the actual problem-solving rather than the graphics. In the same time, this gives the game a special and ‘retro’ vibe, taking you to the time when games like these ruled the world.

In this video, I am sharing a walkthrough created by Hackbal Gaming, showing their clever experimentation and how they managed to master There You Go for Android in less than 10 minutes. All the secret plans, tips and tricks to help you complete There You Go are over there ready for you. As you can see, not every level is that easy and all of them deserve some determination and most importantly, experimentation by your side. Fortunately, this video will help you master the game quickly and see all the riddles and puzzles it contains.